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tv   Today  NBC  August 14, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> yeah yeah yeah. >> you just caught us in the middle of our yeah yeah yeah we're back with more of "today" on this friday morning. the 14th day of august, 2009. that guy right there flo rida just put on a great show for the people packing our plaza this morning. if you missed it, don't worry, there's more music coming up in just a little while. great way to kick off the morning. al along with sara gore. that was fun. >> it was a lot of fun.
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>> we was going low, low, low. sara was down on the ground. >> i don't think so. not right now. >> no, no, no. >> coming up in this half hour, we'll be talking about something that's really kind of a strange tradition called hoarding. this is where people bring all kinds of useful stuff for the most part, into their house, they clutter up the house, then they have an impossible time getting rid of it. it can really negatively impact their lives. we're going to talk more about that with a woman who is a mother of three, got so bad she was worried about losing her children. >> yeah. and then i'm going to talk about something a little bit on a lighter note. they look good, we all love our heels, but can we feel good in them, too? that's a very good question. we're talking about high heels. long a fashion must-have, they were a could star in "sex and the city" and some women will suffer through anything to sport these gorgeous shoes. i do it all the time. but can you look good and feel good at the same time. i don't know. >> not an issue for us. >> not so much. by the way, also coming up in the next half hour, movie
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mooiths row quentin tarantino is sticking around to talk a little bit more about his new world war ii drama "inglourious basterds." a passion project ten years in the making. great cast including brad pitt and mike myers about a group of jewish-american soldiers. out to get nazis. he says this ain't your daddy's world war ii movie. >> it's some pretty dramatic stuff. before we go any further, ann's standing by with a look at the headlines. >> hi, you guys. good morning, everybody. in the news the president takes on a town hall meeting on health care in montana today, and colorado tomorrow. in montana it's in a very conservative part of the state. and meantime today his plan gets a boost from a group of drugmakers, doctors and hospitals which is starting to run ads supporting the health care initiative. the faa says an air traffic controller was on a personal phone call during last weekend's midair collision over new york. it says the call probably had no bearing on the crash, but both the controller and his supervisor, who was outside of
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the building, are now suspended. and there is new and disturbing video of that crash. nbc news has obtained these exclusive images which show the moment of impact when the plane and the helicopter collided, killing nine people. investigators will be analyzing this case to see what can be learned. reinforcements on the ground and in the air are expected today in northern california, where a wildfire has forced 2000 people from their homes. higher humidity and lighter winds should help the situation. taiwan's president did raised the death toll from a devastating typhoon to about 500 people lost. he called on rescue crews to intensify their efforts. there has been some criticism of the emergency response there. and it has been growing. legislation that would broaden state control over venezuela's public and private schools is being contested in the streets of the capital. police officers in riot gear clashed thursday with hundreds of protesters, for and against the bill, who fled when police used tear gas. later 13 journalists were
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injured in a clash with backers of the bill. a law enforcement official says the possible anesthetic that investigators believe killed michael jackson came from a nevada pharmacy raided this week. nbc's jeff rossen has more now. >> reporter: after searching michael jackson's rented mansion, and the luxury home of his personal physician, dr. conrad murray, investigators ended up at applied pharmacy in las vegas. the search warrant now reveals they were looking for any records connecting propofol to dr. murray. in fact they were searching for bottles of propofol with these specific serial numbers, manufactured by two specific companies. >> they go to the manufacturer, the manufacturer tells them this is the pharmacy. they go to the pharmacy, this is the doctor. they just connect the dots. >> reporter: according to his lawyer, dr. murray didn't know what he was getting himself into as jackson's doctor. but when he moved to l.a., dr. murray realized michael jackson had some very unusual problems. he maintains his client did nothing wrong. now, we've learned another
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jackson doctor -- >> i'm honored to be his doctor. >> reporter: his dermatologist arnie klein may face federal sanctions. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the dea is considering administrative action against him within weeks. possible punishment includes stripping his ability to write prescriptions for most drugs. >> this is about the most serious action the dea can take. the action of removing, revoking, or suspending a license comes from a different board. one might trigger the other with their separate actions. >> on thursday la toya jackson made her first public appearance since michael's memorial. bagging groceries at an aids clinic in l.a. >> it's still sort of like trying to really find out what exactly happened to my brother. that's the most important thing for me right now at this very moment. >> reporter: la toya refused to answer any questions about the investigation or her previous comments that michael was murdered. jeff rossen, nbc news, los angeles. five minutes past the hour now. let's get another check of the weather from al.
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>> thank you very much, ann. as we take a look, see what's going on, all right now right now in the tropics, strong tropical wave coming off the africa coast, that could cause problems about ten days out. former tropical depression number two kind of weakening. this tropical wave over the caribbean is going to cause problems for the southeastern united states. as we take a look what's going on. only seven years since 1950 have we only had the first named storm later than this year. and the average of these storms, baba >> as for friday, a good way to start a nice, long weekend. partly cloudy skies, to mostly sunny skies by saturday and sunday. mid-80s and pretty drive for the we
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now on to a strange and debilitating disorder that leaves those affected practically buried in their own belongings. it's called hoording. and amy is documenting people who suffer from it, people like jennifer miller. >> we frequently wash sheets, because we eat in the bedroom. >> okay. >> and food spills and stuff. >> how often do you eat in bed? >> oh, probably dinner. yeah. >> all of you? >> yes. >> five people eat in the bed every night? >> yes. >> okay. >> with plates on our laps. >> okay. >> yes. >> and how do you end up in the bed eating as a family every night? >> it's just like an area to sit down. >> jennifer miller was here earlier. she's back along with a professional organizer who helped jennifer get back on track. jennifer, good to see both of you again. >> thank you. >> my mom used to say, this place looks like collier's mansion. they were these famous hoarders
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back in the 30. for you, jennifer, what was your lowest point during all this? >> the lowest point was probably the loneliest point right before we actually reached out to get help and, you know, you're just facing yourself and facing the house and facing the stuff and having no clue where to start or where to go. >> and you're not alone in this. your husband has this affliction, as well. >> yes. >> when did you decide you really needed to get help? >> well, we had actually been cited by the city. they had come and they looked at the house, and there was a good chance that they would come back, and, you know -- >> and if they came back, what was going to happen? >> well, i didn't know. but of course as a mom with three children my worst fear was that they would have taken our children. and i mean, if, you know, i couldn't have blamed them, i guess, if they had. >> have you figured out at what this point what made you aquire all this stuff? what triggered this behavior? >> you know, i don't know what triggered the behavior necessarily. but i know for us, or for me specifically, you know, having it, having it there, having it
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around, you know, it provided some sort of a distance, i think, from people and things and, you know, just safety net in a way. >> what does your family think about this? >> oh, they thought it was awful. i mean, you know, they hated it for us. they hated it for the kids. yeah. >> did they try to intervene, try to do anything? >> oh, yeah, there were many times we actually had the house cleaned up, you know, and we would, you know, bring people in as friends and do sufficient but we could never get rid of anything. it would all have to be packed away. >> let me bring you in here. part of the process for jennifer, she had to get some psychological help. but you also helped with the logistical efforts to get her life back on track. what was it -- when you saw this, were you kind of taken aback at what you saw? >> well, i happen to work with hoarders, so what i saw in jennifer's home is not different from what i see in other people's homes. >> is there any idea how widespread this is? >> the figures are not accurate. but it could be up to 5%.
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i mean, i've heard different numbers. so it's still -- a lot of people don't come forward with it. so it's hard for doctors to diagnose. >> it literally still in the closet behind closed doors. >> absolutely. there's a lot of shame and stigma surrounding this. >> how do you start working with someone like jennifer? how do you get them help? >> well, the organizer, i always prefer to work with a three-prong approach. the organizer, the client, and then a psychotherapist of some sort. so, from the organizer's viewpoint, i come in, and start talking about her goals, what her expectations are. how she thinks i can help her. and just start asking her some questions about what her daily routines are. and how this stuff is coming into the house. >> for those of us who aren't quite as afflicted as jennifer, but we all have clutter in our lives. >> everyone. >> we all need to get this stuff out. what's the one best tip you can give somebody?
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>> just determine how organized you want to be, and what your homes need to look like to make you happy. so in jennifer's case she had some very clear-cut goals once we spoke several times. she wanted her family to eat dinner at the table. she wanted to stop shopping so much. she wanted to not have shame in the carpool line when she picked up and dropped off her children. and she wanted her home to be inviting for people to come in. >> and so, how are you doing now, jennifer? >> i'm doing well. it was a good start. you know, like geralyn said you can't just come in and get rid of the stuff. there's a lot there that still has to be done. it's not just about the stuff. >> both emotionally and physically? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean the house is okay. and you know, we have three kids so there's messes and stuff like that. it's much more manageable. the problem with, you know, getting rid of the stuff and just having that be that is that it will come back. you know, the hoarding is a symptom, it's not a cause. so, yeah. >> are you working on trying to
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control the hoarding? >> yeah. we haven't -- >> she's working -- >> on acquiring more stuff. >> in other words you don't bring it in, you can't hoard it. >> exactly. exactly. >> so determining one of the most helpful things in jennifer's situation is before she brings something into the house, determining where that will be placed once it's in. >> right. >> figure out where it's going to go. >> before you bring it in. >> that's good advice for anybody. >> exactly. >> what are you going to do with this. i have a neighbor who actually has acquired like four sofas. and one of them was out in the front yard and hadn't figured out how she was going to get it into the house. >> overshopping. overacquiring. >> right. and why? what are your triggers for it? >> thanks so much. good luck, jennifer. >> thank you. >> all right. and "hoarding" premieres monday night an a&e. and spill to come, three viewers spill the beans on their favorite family recipe and show their dessert favorites. up next, how high is too high when it comes to heels? if you get nose bleeds that might be too high.
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way they make your feet feel. we hit the streets of new york to find out why so many women sacrifice comfort for style. movies are based around them. they are scene stealers on tv. >> hello, lover. >> reporter: and women everywhere can't get enough of them. you sacrifice walking all day in these heels just to look fabulous? >> they're so comfortable. after you get used to it, it doesn't matter anymore. >> they're comfortable with everything i decide to wear. >> reporter: how many pairs of high heel shoes do you have? >> a lot. >> i'm really short so it helps me to be with the rest of the crowd. >> reporter: so how many days are you wearing these, but you wish you were wearing these? >> too hard to walk around in heels. the streets aren't even and you'll fall. plus you ruin your heels. i spend way too much money on my shoes. >> reporter: women are starting to put their foot down and designers are responding. kenneth cole has spent four
9:17 am
years creating a comfortable all-purpose heel the 9-to-5. >> wear heels. they're sexy, look great, and feel good. >> reporter: although heels make you feel sexy, they don't always make you look it. is dedicated to helping women walk gracefully in heels. with a boot camp that teaches fashionistas how to strut in style. so the question is, how do you put your best foot forward? well, luckily i've never fallen like that. but i am wearing those kenneth cole shoes right now and they are really comfortal. >> they're cute, too. >> reporter: these are a little lower. you usually wear five inch heels. >> i do. but these have the wedge thing. so this is something good for me, right? >> this leads us to our next question. here to straighten us out on things shoe related is podiatric surgeon suzanne levine. so we all have this love affair
9:18 am
with shoes. >> of course. >> now is this destroying our feet basically, what it comes down to? >> in one way you are. but as we get older, that's when you really have problems wearing heels. you lose the cushioning under the ball of the foot. and there's so many different treatments as podiatric surgeons that we perform to enable you to wear these shoes. >> is there a one size fits all thing or do you have to search out for the right shoe for your foot? >> you do have to search out for the right shoe. the ideal heel height to wear for eight to ten hours a day is about 2 1/2 inches. >> see, i can't do that. >> i know. but you have to. >> and you work all day so that's a good height. >> it is a good height. and you can splurge. you can wear four inch heels when you go out for dinner. but you really have to pamper your feet and take care of your feet. there's so many wonderful products that enable you to do that. >> i'm in trouble. i wear the five inch heels, usually. a good place to start is 2 1/2 inch heels. you brought some of these here. >> these are all under $100 for
9:19 am
the most part. what's great about these aerosols, daisy fuentes, these are great because they're all cushioned and they really allow your foot to move. and these are all under $100. but there's one that's a splurge which is a kitten heel from ann taylor. >> i love this shoe. it's a wider forefoot and a narrow heel. if you have bunions this is a terrific shoe. >> that shocks me because it's pointed. >> i know. but this is wider and it will fit that wider foot. >> i'm going to try those on. these are more my category because we're four inches. i usually stay away from such high heels. don't wear tillateos, wear chunkier heels. they're all under $100. booties, $29 from cupid. nine west, $99 and it really gives you the support you need. >> what i love about these, they have a thicker heel. >> i do love the wedge, too. because you've got more surface to walk on and very friendy for fall. and then i'm all about flats. and i know ann loves birkenstocks.
9:20 am
she said she wears them. but these are great because if you're walking a lot and you really want the support but you want to be, a little trendy, these are all great. these are all under $100. and sketchers are really big with a lot of the celebrities because they say they make you lose weight. i don't know how much -- you can't eat egg rolls and shakes. >> the shoe is not enough. >> it does make you hold your abdominals in. >> it does because it has this rocker bottom. >> i feel like a duck when i walk in flat shoes. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, should you travel to see "the time traveler's wife" this weekend? jen shalit weighs in right after this. introducing smoothies
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in the fridge it's a light and fluffy mousse... ...but put it in the freezer... and... ...voila! yoplait whips becomes a luscious frozen treat. yoplait whips, it is so good. "the time traveler's wife" starring rachel mcadams and eric bana opens across the country today. but gene shalit says parts of the film don't click. >> reporter: welcome to the critic's corner. claire is in love with henry and he's not your usual home for dinner husband. his uncontrollable genetic affliction can at any moment launch him into time travel. instantly vanishing before claire's eyes, his empty clothes
9:24 am
heaped on the floor before her. >> it's kind of magical >> we don't know snips of his trips of years to go or years yet to go. but she loves him so deeply, she can live with his sudden evaporations. and she can only hope that henry is back from time in time for christmas or dinner, or for his own wedding. >> henry! >> based on the best-seller the film has scarcely any of the novel's richness, and none of its beauty, its vivid detail, or complexities. >> he tells me that he's a time traveler. >> but, a book is not a movie. so, setting the book aside, we have a romantic picture with a diverting gimmick. >> and did you believe him? >> not until he disappeared right in front of me, you know, like he just disappeared. >> yeah. it's a problem. >> as claire, the captivating rachel mcadams is by turn dramatic and oh, so huggable.
9:25 am
henry's character is less com l compelli compelling. so for eric bana's fans, this is not a bana day. >> you're back. >> did i miss christmas? >> "the time traveler's wife" is not great, it's not terrible, if i were grading movies by color, i would color this picture beige. and that's "the critic's corner" for today. >> you know what? i would see eric bana just sit there in front of the camera. and rachel mcadams, too, she's fantastic. but we got a review and there you go. >> our viewers take us into the kitchen to dish about their favorite recipes. >> and some more flo rida. . honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here, we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one simple, honest ingredient
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which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far? of calcium and vitamin d. that's where their favorite cereals can help. general mills big g is the only leading line of kid cereals that has calcium and vitamin d. help them get more of what they need with general mills kid cereals. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning.
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i am mindy basara. baltimore city police are investigating an accident involving of the gold medalist michael phelps. please tell 11 news that he was not injured in the crash, but the female driver of another car was taken the hospital as a precaution. it happened at east biddle and north calvert st. 9:00 last night. >> there was a collision, two cars were driving. alcohol -- there will find out if alcohol was a factor, we will look at red lights. >> residents say it is not surprising to see accident in area and they want something done to reduce the frequency. police say they no alcohol was not a factor in the crash. >> we are going to try out today with partly cloudy skies. 84 to 86 degrees. high pressure will build in here, especially in the afternoon. it will hold up not only today
9:28 am
but for the next 48 hours. through sunday, high-pressure and full control at the surface. nice, dry days. temperature-wise right where they should be. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. great weather for the little league series in aberdeen. >> thank you for joining us. another update at 9:55.
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♪ ♪ sometimes i've got me down but i'm not breaking ♪ >> teen sensation miley cyrus, growing up, showing off her more mature musical style. she's going to wry that style right here to the plaza in just two weeks when she takes to our summer concert stage. and next week, pop sensation natasha bedingfield stops by with a few songs. so it's the battle. i'm al roker along with ann curry and lxtv's sara gore who
9:31 am
has been helping us out. >> it's been my pleasure. really, i've had the best week. >> good. >> so just ahead to get you grooving into your weekend, we'll have one more song from flo rida before we say good-bye. >> we've also got a lot of star power here today. we've got "inglourious basterds," the new film from -- i know, i've really been saying that on national television, from quentin tarantino, i'm sure he's loving that. a movie he directed starring brad pitt. it's getting a lot of buzz. it opens next friday. guess what, quentin tarantino is standing by, yeah. >> and he was out there with flo rida. he was -- yeah, he was grooving on it. >> he know flo. anyway, we'll talk to him in a little bit. >> little known fact, actually, quentin tarantino stole "inglourious basterds" from mike myers who had the fat past erds. >> i'll get to the bottom of that. thanks a lot, al. thank you. >> i think it's very -- >> it was a few weeks ago we asked you to send us your
9:32 am
favorite family recipes. the response so overwhelming. >> really? >> so overwhelming. we asked three lucky viewers to share their dessert recipes for us. looks like we're going to make it a regular thing. we're going to have viewers coming on a regular basis. >> we're going to be eating well. >> also just also to note coming up this weekend on "today," the 40th anniversary of woodstock. lester is going to take a trip back to the farmland where it all happened. and he's going to get to talk with, look at her, joan baez, to get her memory of the festival that defined a generation. people are still nostalgic about it. even people who never went. >> who weren't born. >> about woodstock. >> meanwhile, before anyone makes their weekend plans, al why don't you tell us about the weather. >> okay, i think i will, now that i'm here. for today, for tomorrow i should say, beautiful weather here in the east. showers through the gulf coast. risk of strong storms back in the plains. warm in the southwest. and then for sunday -- sunday! -- we've got lots of sunshine in the northeast. again, risk of strong storms in
9:33 am
central great lakes, back into the central plains. beautiful sizzling hot weather southwest on sizzling. >> an ice, and tried day to day, partly cloudy skies. high of 86 degrees. by richard before august 14. 82 on ocean city. for the and that's your latest weather. sara? >> al, thanks. coming up next, quentin tarantino sits down with ann right after this.
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what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal! finish jet dry rinse agent removes water drops and residue ensuring perfectly sparkling drier dishes. finish jet dry. the diamond standard. academy award winning quentin tarantino has worked ten years to bring "inglourious basterds" to life, stars brad pitt has the head of a group of jewish american soldiers seeking brutal retribution against nazi soldiers. take a look.
9:38 am
>> my name is lieutenant dorain and i'm putting to the a special team. i need me eight soldiers. eight, jewish american soldiers. you all might have heard rumors about the armada happening soon. well, we'll be leaving a little earlier. we're going to be dropped into france dressed as civilians. once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhacking guerrilla army we're going to be doing one thing and one thing only. killing nazis. >> quentin tarantino, good morning. >> good morning. >> that accent just killed me every time i hear it. >> heavily poetry. >> he talked like that even when he wasn't shooting. >> oh, no. he really dubbed the character. any time he was anywhere near the camera, he was always oldo. it was great for me, i created aldo. it was like a chance to actually get to know one of my characters. i ask brad a question, aldo answered it. >> you've been working on this for ten years, in fact if i'm
9:39 am
not mistaken you were in a video store, you were working in a store, there was a movie out by the same name spelled differently. you said you're going to make your own movie. >> there was this italian movie called "inglourious basterds" that we got a kick out of. we thought that was the best name for a bunch of guys on a mission war movie. i would say you're going to be "inglourious basterds." >> they knew, somebody said you were going to make this great movie. ten years you've nursed it. is it fair to say this one is sort of more personal, this baby is yours? >> well, you know, they're all really, really personal. but this one has the longest history of gestation. it's in the incubator the longest. >> you create a whole new genre. it's a world war ii movie but it's also a spaghetti western it's also a jewish revenge fantasy. it's -- where do you get the confidence? the guts to make this kind of a movie? >> you know, it's funny. it's just the way it comes out. i mean you know, when i start writing the story, you know, i
9:40 am
have an idea where i'm going to go with it. but i don't know until the characters lead the way. the humor kind of comes out in the telling of the scenario. >> there's something really quite delicious about seeing the nazi war machine tremble. the nazi war machine trumbell. >> that's part of the fun of it. one of the things about -- the thing with the basterds, being jewish american soldiers, they're doing it in a patchy resistant which more about getting in the brains and the mind. it's about the 100 guys that will find those guys. >> because there is some scalping involved. >> there's definitely scalping involved. >> and there's a real -- >> and i don't mean selling concert tickets illegally. >> so that said this is not a movie for children. but it is a movie that is really a mop corn, i mean it's one of those, get it, and -- and -- and it really pays great homage to film in general. >> he know, there is -- there is a definite love of cinema that's involved here. that's in all my movies.
9:41 am
i can't help it. when i was writing the script and i had the section between the french lead girl in the movie having a conversation and they're comparing chaplin versus max linder. it becomes a love letter to cinema. i can't get away from it. >> it's really true. it's really a love letter in many ways. i know we're out of time but christoph was stunningly good. he won an award. >> best actor consult. >> i can't even -- melanie was fantastic, diane kruger, eli roth, mike myers. >> you were like -- i like that big guy. >> anyway, quentin tarantino. good luck with the film. thank you so much. it's a great pleasure. >> thank you, honey. >> i got to be called honey by quentin tarantino. "inglourious basterds" opens nationwide next friday. we're going to have more on this movie with brad pitt. coming up next, that's right, up in "today's kitchen." hearts happy...
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9:46 am
okay, so ted this is from your great-great grandmother? >> that's exactly right al. my great-great-grandmother passed this recipe on to my grandmother, she passed it to my mother, and now my wife, and -- >> these are cookies. >> or spice cookies. because the spices really make the difference in these cookies. >> and-and in fact didn't your grandmother kind of modify this? >> she modified it with a few things. the basic ingredients are similar to what most people use, brown sugar, shortening, eggs, not milk. flour. and baking soda instead of baking powder. >> all right. >> and is that lard instead of butter? >> that's lard. crisco, shortening. and then what we do is we add the spices. >> okay. >> cinnamon, a little cinnamon here. >> but a little in thereyou wouldn't mind and orange zest. that's also in there. and nutmeg. and the last one is cloves. >> so that's a lot of spice. >> that's a lot of spice in
9:47 am
there. you mix it all up. flip it all up like that. >> and what's the chunky stuff? >> raisins, chopped raisins, and also pecans. now if you don't like pecans or you're allergic to them, you don't have to use them. you don't like raisins, you don't have to. but i like both. i'm going to put it all in there. turn it around there. >> then you use a little -- >> then you use the little scooper or it could be a teaspoon. either one would work well. put it on here -- >> greased? >> no, do not grease it. it makes it really not so good. and then you put them on here just like this. and then you pop them into the o oven, and in 11 minutes here they are. >> let's head back this way. >> all right. now deborah, what are you making? >> we have rhubarb tort. originated with my great grandmother. >> what do we start with? >> we make the first layer which
9:48 am
is a pastry-like crust. and then we work on the second layer while the first layer is baking. >> all right. >> so we mix up the egg yolk like that. and then we're going to add everything, the flour, sugar. >> yeah. >> some cream. whipping cream. >> and then -- >> is this rhubarb? >> it is not because rhubarb is raw and you have to chop it up. once all of this is mixed up very well then we'll add the rhubarb. >> in here? >> in with the custard-like filling. >> you bake it for how long? >> you bake it for 40 minutes. >> and then you add a meringue. >> then you add a meringue to the top. so the meringue just goes on the top like this. >> and we end up with that. now what do you have? >> a upfondant candy. >> i'm fond of candy, too. >> and from who? >> my grandmother got it and passed it up to my great
9:49 am
grandmother and then it went back down. >> oh, all right. >> wow, i'm confused. so what are you -- how do you make this? >> mix in coconut, confectioners' sugar, and -- >> coconut. >> and condensed milk. >> unsweetened? >> no sweetened. sweetened. and but your. and you mix it all together, get your hands in there. >> and you roll it into balls? >> roll it into balls, set up, and you take them -- >> dip them? >> dip them, and just -- >> oh, oh, we lost one. oh! and then you let them set and then you go. guys, this is terrific. ted spencer, deborah lake, rachel jackson, thank you so much. and a little young one. >> coming along. >> one more person to pass it to. >> i hope so. >> you can find these recipes at our website at we've got one more song from flo rida. it is sweet! but first, this is "today" on nbc. cock-a-doodle-do. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires.
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this morning, kathie lee and hoda. >> that's right. want to thank sara gore for filling in. >> had the best week ever. can't remember the last time i had so much fun. thank you guys for letting me play. >> one more song from flo rida. ♪ ♪ ♪ we gonna make you jump jump jump jump ♪ ♪ when i saw jump you say how high ♪ ♪ i ain't never seen nobody how they go so high ♪ ♪ like a bird like a plane ♪ ♪ this party insane this party insane ♪ ♪ jump jump jump jump ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ 33 ♪ ♪ when i say jump you say how high ♪ ♪ i ain't never seen nobody jump so high ♪ ♪ like a bird like a plane ♪ ♪ this party is insane ♪ this party is insane ♪ so jump jump jump jump >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the baltimore ravens kicked off the season on a high note. a score of 23-0.
9:55 am
the quarterback joe flacco and running back made the most of their limited playing time. they take on the jets in the next pre-season skirmish on august 24. someone in maryland is sitting on a quarter million dollars, at least until the end of the day today. today is the deadline for whoever purchased the megamillions ticket that is a 202 dozen other winter to come forward with it was purchased in a supermarket for the drawing of a february 13. if no one comes forward by 4:30, the ticket expires and the price disappears. the winning maryland lottery ticket number for the trying on february 13 are 25, 36, 37, 40, 51, and that the ball was 20. back in a minute with a check on toda
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> partly cloudy skies, light winds at the east and northeast, at 8486. tonight we will be in the mid- to-upper-60's. we will remain dry thanks to a high pressure. plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. temperatures in the mid-to- upper-80's. near 90 by monday and tuesday. more scattered thunderstorms as the disturbance finally gets through here on wednesday and thursday of next week. >> we will see you back here for 11 news at noon.
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